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APSEA President

Welcome to another year with the Asian Pacific State Employee Association (APSEA). We are off to an enthusiastic and ambitious start! I am excited to begin my term as your President. Over the next few months, we are eager to get to know you, understand your needs, and provide support in those specific ways to help further your professional endeavors. APSEA will be planning a social event to gather input from the membership of what your interests are and what you hope to gain from being a member of APSEA. Your attendance and contribution will be greatly appreciated to start this New Year!

Although we have a new Board of Directors, our goals continue to focus on serving our members by providing the quality programs you ask for. APSEA prides itself on our career development sessions, Mentor-Mentee meet up program, networking opportunities, and a membership that includes some of the most distinguished members in state government. We are planning additional ways for you to connect, engage, inspire, and influence how we can all make a difference in our State Government and apply the same principles to your own work environment.

APSEA will also continue to partner with the community to promote career opportunities, civic participation and cultural awareness, and support young adults in higher education advancements through the APSEA Foundation by sponsoring scholarships. And most importantly, APSEA will advocate on statewide issues important to you, including ensuring equal employment opportunities for our members. This is the heart and soul of why this organization was founded and we are dedicated to continuing forward with the great work APSEA has already accomplished in this area.

We welcome our members to get involved with leading and/or participating on these committees and programs. APSEA is YOUR organization, so I personally, encourage you to join us in making this an organization that matters to you.

Board of Directors

President: Shivani Bose-Varela

First Vice President:   Barbara Hiyama Zweig

Second Vice President: Stephenson Loveson

Recording Secretary:  Jordan  Aquino

       Secretary:  Sean Harrison

Treasurer: Weimei Hong

Immediate Past President: Alicia Wong


Dean Lan, Helen Fong, Jeff Uyeda, Linda Ng, Oliver Chu, Sandy Jang, Stephen Chan

Contact Information

APSEA Board / Sacramento Chapter
P.O. Box 22909
Sacramento, CA 95822-2909
(916) 962-6309

Email Address:
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Board Meetings

  • Executive Board Meetings are generally held first Thursday of each month

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