About Us

Asian Pacific State Employees Association (APSEA) is a statewide non-profit and non-political organization that provides numerous services to its members and contributes to the betterment of the Asian Pacific Islanders community.

APSEA advocates for members interests and works with the community to promote career opportunities, cultural awareness, and supports young adults in career advancements through the APSEA Foundation by sponsoring “scholarships”.   APSEA also hosts training workshops, provides networking activities, and supports other Asian Pacific Islanders community-based organizations.

Our Mission

To ensure equal opportunity and to advance the careers of Asian Pacific State Employees Association members.

Our Vision

Members serving, enhancing,  and leading state government and our community.


The Asian Pacific State Employees Association (APSEA) was founded in 1975. The main goals and objectives of APSEA are to assist APSEA members during their employment as employees for the State of California and to provide support for various community service groups.  In 1986, APSEA was renamed Asian Pacific State Employees Association (APSEA), to include Pacific Islanders in state government.

APSEA currently has over 400 members throughout  the State of California with chapters in SacramentoSouthern California, and the San Francisco Bay Area.  APSEA has testified before legislative committees and State Personnel Board hearings on issues relating to APSEA members.