Become a member of APSEA and sign up today!  Individuals from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds are encouraged to join and support the APSEA mission.  You also do not have to be a State employee to become a member.

Application Form:

Benefits include:

  • career and personal development via brown bag seminars, leadership and training conferences, networking events and activities, and business holiday mixers
  • scholarship opportunities
  • seek to become a Board Member Officer in one of the chapters and enhance your leadership skills
  • learn about the operations of a non-profit organization and fundraising
  • opportunities to socialize/work with other members, organizations, community leaders and elected officials
Membership Rates
Regular Member* $60 $5/month or $60/year
Golden Lifetime Member (Retiree) $75 30% discount on APSEA fee due events (exclusion applies)
Platinum Lifetime Member (Retiree) $125 50% discount on APSEA fee due events (exclusion applies)
Retiree (Annual) $30 yearly Regular member APSEA discount vs. non-member
Student $30 yearly Regular member APSEA discount some events
* You can either pay your annual membership dues by check or via a convenient payroll deduction of $5 a month. 

Please complete a membership application form and indicate which type of membership you would like to obtain.

Mail your completed and signed form to:

P.O. Box 22909
Sacramento, CA 95822

HAVE YOU MOVED? Are you already a member and not receiving information from APSEA through the mail? APSEA needs your updated mailing and email addresses so we can ensure that you receive timely information.  Please call or email us your updated address request.

For more information, please call (916) 962-6309 or email

Newest Members List

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