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Board of Directors

President: Milly Yamada

Vice President: Paul G. Perez, J.D.

Treasurer: Yuen Wong

Secretary:  Joyce Minzey

Community Liasion: Barbara Lin

Contact Information

Asian Pacific State Employees Association
Southern California Chapter
P.O. Box 86663
Los Angeles, California 90086-0663



APSEA started in 1975 as a statewide organization for state employees. In 1988, members in southern California, under the leadership of Ed Kurata (president) from the department of Rehabilitation, began meeting to determine how members in the southern part of the state could increase their efforts toward meeting the organization’s goals. With the support of Dr. Steven Shon, APSEA statewide president, the southern chapter was born with the first elections in January 1989. Other members of the charter group included Gerald Shue (vice president), Edwin Stone III (recording secretary), and Arthur Young (corresponding secretary) from Caltrans; Barbara and Earl Nishimura of the Lottery; David Ikeda from Justice; Paul Wu and Huey Dovan of Patton State Hospital; and Kathryn Matsumoto for Rehabilitation. Rossia Cheng was elected treasurer.

The southern chapter encompasses the nine southernmost counties in the state, ranging from the US-Mexican Border to Santa Barbara to the Nevada state line and from the Colorado River to the Pacific Ocean.

In addition to representing  members who need assistance with employment problems or information to support their careers, the chapter presents scholarships to qualified students, participates in the Los Angeles Lotus festival, sponsors developmental workshops, organizes a chapter picnic, and a conducts a variety of other activities. In May 2001, as part of the celebration of Asian-Pacific Heritage month, the chapter hosted a leadership awards ceremony, in Los Angeles, for state government officials.

Members are encouraged to attend meetings and run for office or work on any of the various committees which operate throughout the year. See the chapter calendar for information about meetings and other events.